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Pros: Beyond the grading and reporting platform, there are useful instruction and assessment tools like wikis, flash cards, and quizzes.

Cons: Success hinges on consistent use from all stakeholders, and making the most of all the features can be overwhelming.

Bottom Line: With time-saving tools and accessible third-party content, this gradebook is a solid choice for its extensive, district-level features.

An Engrade account could be valuable in a number of circumstances, offering tools that are likely to streamline a lot of your out-of-class work. Important for Engrade's success is consistent use by all stakeholders -- parents, students, and teachers -- who are key in supporting students' learning.

You're likely to find a logical flow to how you'll best use the platform's tools: Send out a reminder before an upcoming assessment, include a set of review flash cards, create an online practice quiz, upload grades quickly and easily. Students can ask questions and monitor grades online, and parents can follow up with concerns on the secure site. It's also worth checking out the provided pre-made flash cards, quizzes, and assignments, in addition to all of the third-party content.

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Engrade is an online grading tool (now part of McGraw-Hill Education) that helps teachers manage classes, communicate with families, and track student performance. After signing up, teachers can get started customizing their gradebook to a specific set of standards. Engrade calls this tool the "Corebook." Once teachers create classes and enter their students' information, families and students can then register with the site, allowing for individualized communication between home and school.

In addition to the Corebook and messaging features, the Teach tool acts as a learning management system (LMS) of sorts, integrating with a variety of third-party content (like Khan Academy and BrainPOP, among others) so that teachers can give students online assignments, quizzes, flash cards, or other resources. Teachers can also track Common Core-aligned assignments, and schools can monitor achievement data and compare performance across student groups. Teachers and district-level curriculum directors can create and implement common assessments or benchmark tests to assess student achievement more broadly. There's even a built-in app from GradeCam to help facilitate fast multiple-choice grading and data entry.

With Engrade, you'll find a wide variety of tools to help teachers save time and increase overall efficiency, which can potentially translate into improved student achievement. The easy-to-use online grading program helps teachers stay organized and monitor both individual and class performance on a regular basis. In addition, the fact that families have 24/7 access to grades helps provide transparency, as well as increase accountability for students. Messaging features empower students, their families, and teachers with an open channel for easy communication.

The ability to create and send out online quizzes, assignments, and flash cards is a nice feature, though success with these features will depend to some degree on students' access to devices outside of school. Between the solid learning content from third-party partners and the ability to create common assessments, the platform has a lot of potential for schoolwide and districtwide use.

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A lot of the third-party learning content comes from sites that students find engaging. If used as a centralized place for assessments, communication, and access to grades, students and families are more likely to stay involved.


Easy online access to grades can increase student accountability and achievement. Engrade helps teachers manage grades, monitor student performance, and communicate safely with students and families.


Video tutorials, quick-start guide, and FAQ page are all easily accessible for teachers and administrators. 

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Dee W. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
LMS with many options
I use Engrade daily in my classroom. I upload assignments, instructions, and links for students to complete, and they can upload their completed work. One advantage is I never lose a paper and a student can never "swear they turned it in on time" as all turn-ins are time stamped. The program also has features such as a seating chart creator and behavior tracking. Tests and quizzes can also be created in Engrade (this can be time consuming, but they are saved and can be re-used with other classes). ...
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