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Pros: Citation generator makes writing bibliographies a breeze with easy-to-use tool.

Cons: Continuous ads and videos distract from the experience if students are using the free service.

Bottom Line: EasyBib works great for citing sources and generating bibliographies, but other tools such as a grammar checker are limited.

High school students will probably get the most out of the resources EasyBib provides -- from the bibliography creator to writing resources, which include grammar and writing guides. For a blended approach, there are videos, in-depth articles, and infographics that would be beneficial to support classroom lessons. One flowchart takes students through a detailed process of asking questions about whether or not they're plagiarizing. Another useful infographic evaluates the parts of a news article to determine if it's fake. Helpful video lessons cover topics such as digital footprints, using citations effectively, and quoting/paraphrasing. 

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EasyBib's platform provides a citation generator for creating bibliographies. Students follow a series of questions while inputting information to create a final citation that can be included in a list. Steps start with selecting the type of resource and then the title. After verifying the correct resource, the reference information is transformed into MLA style (the only style option included with the free version). During the process, guiding questions prompt students to complete the citation. The Citation Guide shows students what information needs to be included and also where they can find all those details. The long list of possible resources covers most areas needed to complete a citation.

The free program offers a citation generator and five suggested grammar checks. The paid version has unlimited plagiarism/grammar checkers, all citation styles, and no ads.

For teachers who want students to spend more time focused on the meat of their paper and less time nit-picking commas and capital letters on the citations page, EasyBib could be a great classroom resource. EasyBib creators make an effort to simplify the sometimes grueling process of creating a bibliography. The citation generator guides students through the steps to create a reliable citation, plus it adds hints if any information is missing. There's an option to check papers for grammar mistakes, but this is limited to only the first five suggestions. Lessons, videos, and blog posts are beneficial to support lessons and explain the purpose and importance of information literacy in a clear way. EasyBib is a fast and efficient process for citing sources, but the benefits stop there unless teachers purchase the paid option.

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EasyBib doesn't rate high on the fun level, but it makes citing sources easy for research papers.


Using the citation generator, kids can learn to focus their energies on the meat of a paper instead of agonizing over where to put a period or comma in a citation.


It offers step-by-step guidance through the process of citing a source. While the user guide does contain a video how-to, the site is very text-heavy and may be challenging for some kids.

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JULIA U. , Classroom teacher
Classroom teacher
Incredible tool for citation purposes!
This is an incredible source to learn about citing sources in various ways. It can be used for all ages, as well as there being various ways to look up a source to cite. However, there are moments where the website can glitch and cause you to have to redo your citation or watch an ad, but in the end, the process is quick and easy for everyone.
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