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Incredible tool for citation purposes!

This is an incredible source to learn about citing sources in various ways. It can be used for all ages, as well as there being various ways to look up a source to cite. However, there are moments where the website can glitch and cause you to have to redo your citation or watch an ad, but in the end, the process is quick and easy for everyone.
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Easy for Citations

I think that this resource makes it easier for students to create citations more quickly and reduces mistakes in creating citations. There are a lot of advertisements throughout the website, so it is something to be aware of. The primary way this website helps students is during research papers when they use various resources. It makes it easier to create the citations and copy and paste them since they also get placed in the proper format.
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Excellent tool for quick citations!

I liked the apps ability to create citations with minimal information.
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EasyBib is a grade-saver!

In my opinion, I feel that EasyBib allows students to check their citation work with ease, while allowing students to see and understand the components of a citation. Since they've been using this app, my students have not dreaded the research paper process as much, which is a win!
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When having to cite your work, please look no further!

I found it to be pretty helpful when having the students cite their work. Although some students had trouble locating all the information the website required to create a citation, the typical student had a lot of success using it. I still use EasyBib.
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Always Annotate- This can help.

I had to ue the free version with the students. This offered a lot of ads, which slows down the process. I would prefer to use the paid version, but my district has to consider that.
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Easy Bib- So Easy!

I find Easy Bib quick and easy to use. Students used it to properly cite their sources. One plus is that it generates cites for about 60 different types of sources. I also like that the site provides samples of what the formatting will look like
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There are better tools out there.

The tool is quick and easy to use, but it is not always accurate. If the first person to use a site manually enters the information incorrectly, that incorrect citation will appear for every subsequent citer of that cite! Also, the free version is loaded with advertisements and has begun requiring my students to watch a video advertisement to get their citation. I now have moved to Citation Machine which is as good as easybib without the excessive advertising, and it INCLUDES INSTRUCTION if students need it.
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Cite it Quickly and Accurately

It is so critical to teach students the importance of citing your sources. This tool makes it easy for students to create citations and prevent plagiarism.
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Oh how I wish I had this back in the day!

Easybib is not a learning tool per se. Its core function is to allow students to create accurate bibliographies and to allow teachers to focus on supporting student research. As such, it is a valuable tool. When students get bogged down in the FORMAT of their bibliographies, they focus far less on their research. When teachers have go over the details of how to FORMAT bibliographies, they are not doing what is most important with students (helping them with research). Easybib formats bibliographies correctly and lets everyone focus on what really matters in the classroom setting. It can be used as well to organise research information (and thereby presentations, papers, and projects) though it is not usually my students' favourite tool for this task. Integration with google docs makes it even more useful.
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