EasyBib is a grade-saver!

Submitted 5 years ago
Katie R.
Katie R.
Bayside Academy
Daphne AL, US
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My Take

In my opinion, I feel that EasyBib allows students to check their citation work with ease, while allowing students to see and understand the components of a citation. Since they've been using this app, my students have not dreaded the research paper process as much, which is a win!

How I Use It

When students use EasyBib, they are able to cite their sources with ease, allowing them to avoid plagiarism and do well on the stringent Works Cited page. Although students should feel at ease using writing manuals, they don't--the layout mystifies them. I think it's good to expose them to the handbook and to the Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue so they see the steps of creating a citation with actual sources, but then set them free and allow them to use the EasyBib app--they, and their grades, will thank you!