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Great Tech for Cultivating Compassion

Compassion is the feeling that arises when you are confronted with another's suffering and have the desire to help. People often confuse this with empathy or being able to put yourself in someone else's shoes. Technology can help supplement the modeling of compassion that occurs in classrooms by providing game-based learning with sympathetic characters or getting students to think about the struggles our world faces every day. Once students feel compassion for someone, they may be spurred to real action. Check out these tools that help students report bullying, get them reflecting through meditation, and spark them to lead community-based projects. 

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Four Little Corners - An interactive storybook app about friendship

Simple story about shapes showcases problem-solving and inclusion

Bottom line: This cute little story could be a nice launching pad for big discussions about friendship, tolerance, and acceptance.


Relaxing and serene app helps incorporate peace into daily life

Bottom line: If you're looking for a captivating app to teach relaxation and calming skills to students, Calm is an essential tool to add to your toolbox.


Easy-to-use reporting tool helps kids report bullying, find adult help

Bottom line: With the right context and a strong school culture, this can be a useful and effective tool for monitoring and combating bullying.


Complete social-emotional learning units in a neat and tidy package

Bottom line: These 10 SEL units provide teachers with almost everything they'll need to spark positive character development in their students.

Teaching Tolerance

Thought-provoking classroom resources support diversity education

Bottom line: It's an invaluable teacher tool to help reduce prejudice and encourage tolerance in schools, as well as within society as a whole.

The Wonderment

Ambitious global community aims for public good through student engagement

Bottom line: A powerful, improving social network for exploring the world and effecting positive change.

The Social Express II

Fabulous multimedia lessons boost social-awareness skills

Bottom line: Compelling webisodes help students learn to cope with real-life situations.

Hall of Heroes

Responsive game helps students prepare for transition to middle school

Bottom line: Wonderful and fun social-interaction game designed to teach cooperation and friendship skills needed for middle school and beyond.

Never Alone: Ki Edition

Illuminating native Alaskan folktale supports SEL skills

Bottom line: A beautiful achievement developed in cooperation with indigenous folk that offers players valuable SEL skill building and a respectful window into Inupiat culture, ways of life, traditions, and stories.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Appealing app guides meditation, promotes compassion

Bottom line: An accessible, well-designed tool for making meditation an approachable daily practice for kids and adults, alike.

Character Playbook

Realistic comic book-style stories help build healthy relationships

Bottom line: A valuable series of modules to get kids thinking about how their choices help build strong character.

Thomas Was Alone

Story-driven puzzle game teaches students to value their differences and help one another

Bottom line: This unexpectedly thoughtful and emotional puzzler could offer valuable lessons about friendship and empathy to kids experiencing trouble socializing.

Sit With Us

Teen-created social tool boosts lunchtime inclusion and community

Bottom line: This app has the potential to help students make connections with other students they may not otherwise engage with.

Papers, Please

Mature immigration game forces tough ethical choices

Bottom line: It's a provocative simulation about ethics and immigration that could spark debate but might be tough to implement.

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