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Great Online Gradebooks and Grading Tools

Grading isn't fun, but it's never been so easy and teacher-friendly. Check out these highly rated tools that upgrade the gradebook, allowing anytime/anywhere grading and tracking of student progress. They also offer some extra-special options, such as easy alignment of assignments and outcomes with Common Core standards and student-facing goal-setting and tracking. Whether you're looking for a simple, free gradebook or a full-fledged learning management system (LMS), you'll find tools on this list that meet a variety of needs.

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Dedicated Grading Tools

Goalbook Toolkit

Set tailored targets with pricey but worth-it kit of tools, strategies

Bottom line: You pay for quality with Goalbook Toolkit, including access to clear, well-crafted learning goals and strategies that allow for far easier differentiation.


Instant grading without sacrificing personalized feedback

Bottom line: Bakpax may be lacking in bells and whistles, but it will reduce time grading.


Cloud-based shared grading streamlines work, is best for groups

Bottom line: While it's likely an efficient tool for departments and teams, for individual teachers it might not give enough of an organizational boost to justify the cost.


Cloud-based gradebook helps manage content, grades, and communication

Bottom line: A good option for teachers who need a free gradebook, but additional storage is needed to effectively manage large quantities of teacher and student content.

FreshGrade Classic

A fresh way to capture, document, and share student learning

Bottom line: Multimedia documentation tools and a customizable grade book help communicate learning and expand both summative and formative assessment.


Upgrade your grading with tool for mastery-based tracking

Bottom line: For those trained in standards-based grading, a solid way to collect, track, and report mastery-based achievement.


Free gradebook integrates with planning tool to ease teacher workflow

Bottom line: This standards-based assessment tool can ease the feedback process and potentially close the feedback loop with its companion planning tool.


Record, analyze, share assessment data with flexible CCSS grader

Bottom line: A fantastic assessment tool that's utilized to its fullest when adopted at a school or district level.


Flexible desktop, mobile assignment tool works best with pro features

Bottom line: A flexible way to collect student assignments and offer written and verbal feedback, especially with the premium features.


Nifty add-on enables audio and text feedback in Google Docs

Bottom line: If your classroom relies a lot on Google Docs, this might just be the feedback tool you're looking for.


Adaptive writing tool rewards effective peer feedback

Bottom line: A cool tool for helping students develop as careful writers and thoughtful critics.

LMSs with Built-In Grading Tools


Deliver solid content, crunch data with connected LMS/grading platform

Bottom line: With time-saving tools and accessible third-party content, this gradebook is a solid choice for its extensive, district-level features.


LMS offers tangible options to differentiate learning

Bottom line: An excellent option for monitoring individual progress toward goals, but teachers will need to be deliberate when selecting and assigning content.


Free LMS feels rich in offering data-driven differentiated instruction

Bottom line: This teacher-created site solves more problems than it causes, but it will take some up-front professional development to take full advantage.

Common Sense Selection

Google Classroom

Exceptional, simple communication, collaboration, and document sharing

Bottom line: Though it doesn't have it all, it's an incredible tool for managing and organizing learning.

Common Sense Selection


Free LMS for digital classrooms packed with possibilities

Bottom line: This is an LMS that offers rich learning and collaboration experiences when matched with creative tasks and assessments.


Full-featured LMS great for instructional design

Bottom line: With planning for content and design, and some restraint, teachers can create and manage relevant pages ideal for extending and transferring learning.

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