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Grammar Checkers, Websites, and Games for Students

Replace your old worksheets and quizzes with these picks that give students entertaining options for learning and reviewing grammar. This list offers a bunch of great grammar app choices, including interactive quizzes and games, grammar checkers, and reference materials. From parts of speech to sentence structure to verb conjugation and beyond, these tools should cover just about anything your students need.

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Top Picks


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Grammar Checkers


Let students do the writing to make grammar lessons more meaningful

Bottom line: This tool offers excellent opportunities for grammar and writing practice, well-tailored to students' abilities and needs.


ELA site mixes grammar and writing practice, layers in useful feedback

Bottom line: This tool has meaningfully evolved over time, expanding the range of skills students build and offering students helpful suggestions for improvement.


Writing support tool helps teachers track progress and give feedback

Bottom line: This extension gives students useful, immediate feedback to make some improvements and save teachers time, but it lacks substantive instruction.


Helpful tips support the writing process, build confidence

Bottom line: A flexible tool that -- with teacher guidance -- students can use for both quick fixes and more in-depth writing improvement.


Helpful citation and writing resource for instant bibliographies

Bottom line: EasyBib works great for citing sources and generating bibliographies, but other tools such as a grammar checker are limited.

Grammar Instruction and Reference


Cute, clever, standards-aligned activities teach foundational skills

Bottom line: Games and activities can help reinforce key math, language, and science concepts for elementary schoolers.


Immediate feedback and breadth a huge plus, despite emphasis on drills

Bottom line: Students can improve targeted skills with tons of practice modules and visually appealing tasks.


Free hub for literacy lessons aims to deepen learning, engagement

Bottom line: This is a trustworthy site that teachers of all grades/subjects could find a way to use weekly for lessons or professional development.

Common Sense Selection

BrainPOP Jr.

Original videos and activities a treasure trove for teachers and students

Bottom line: A unique, video-driven learning platform with tons of topics and resources.


Delightful hip-hop-based site connects literacy to every content area

Bottom line: This site's content is savvy enough to keep students focused, and teachers will love the flexible options for deepening learning.


Quality Common Core-aligned lessons with great modeling for teachers

Bottom line: An innovative way to enhance lessons and tailor learning for individual needs.

OER Commons

Free, easy access to a wealth of resources

Bottom line: Impressive resource opens access to quality materials for all educators.

SentenceBuilder for iPad

Sentence games have potential to build grammar knowledge and skills

Bottom line: Students can learn how to create descriptive sentences and can pick up some important grammar knowledge in the process.

Catchy parts-of-speech instruction, from hook to assessment

Bottom line: The fun songs will stick, and so will kids' knowledge about the parts of speech.

Punctuation - End Marks

Clever quizzes, charming characters explore rules for ending sentences

Bottom line: A thoughtfully designed, consistently engrossing tool for learning key grammar points.

grow grammar

Prune grammatically perfect sentences with simple diagramming tool

Bottom line: Sleek visual format makes grammar more tactile and concrete.

Grammar Pop

Pop-the-words game helps students brush up on parts of speech

Bottom line: Students can become very familiar with the parts of speech, but they won't gain an in-depth knowledge of grammar and usage.

Grammar Girl: Quick and Dirty Tips

Language mechanics explained with panache

Bottom line: The nimble tone makes solid grammar info accessible, but the site could benefit from more interactive elements.

Purdue Online Writing Lab

Quality resources for literary teens, but won't motivate reluctant writers

Bottom line: Use this site as a robust resource for all aspects of the writing process, but don't expect an online community or interactivity.

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