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Best Molecular and Cell Biology Apps and Websites

Give students a whole new perspective on the building blocks of our world with these picks that show the inner life of life itself. It's always hard for students to grasp these kinds of abstract concepts in science, so it's important to focus on developing scientific language proficiency and building models in the classroom. The apps, games, and websites on this list get students tinkering with simulations and playing games, and they provide teachers with a wealth of lessons and videos to tackle cell theory, genetics, biochemistry, and more. 

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Top Picks


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Compelling science videos have high-quality classroom applications

Bottom line: Unparalleled science documentaries offer a window into real-world scientific topics in a high-interest way.


Super STEM, social studies resource with highly customizable content

Bottom line: Making content accessible to kids with different learning styles, CK-12 could be the key to mastery for some students.

DIY Nano

Turn kids into budding nanoscientists who explore the tiniest things

Bottom line: Scientist-reviewed videos and activities relate nanoscience to everyday life.

Common Sense Selection


Microscope attachment for mobile devices inspires field investigation

Bottom line: The use of stickers instead of slides helps students examine their world at the microscopic level with safety and convenience.

NOVA Elements

Info-packed science resource great for teaching the elements

Bottom line: NOVA Elements is an awesome tool that can be used to build knowledge and understanding while keeping students engaged in the learning process.

Tyto Online

Ambitious science role-playing game has bright future

Bottom line: Diverse characters, immersive experiences, and useful teacher tools make this life science RPG worth checking out.

Cell and Cell Structure

Visually stunning tool great for supplementing lessons about cells

Bottom line: Cell and Cell Structure is an interactive and engaging reference tool that takes kids on a journey to learn about cells.

Cell Command

Immersive biology game keeps students interested during learning

Bottom line: Students take away a broad knowledge of cell anatomy and function.

CellEnergy Photosynthesis Labs

Interactive carbon cycle labs deepen student understanding

Bottom line: Virtual labs help biology students investigate and model the movement of carbon and energy.


Dreamland of multimedia resources for budding biologists

Bottom line: Biology teachers and students will find a lot of useful multimedia here to help them teach and understand complex genetics topics.

Molecular Workbench

Regularly updated resource features great simulations and modules

Bottom line: For teachers with the time to prepare, these are great resources for just about any science classroom.


Online science, mastered: exceptional content within meaningful tasks

Bottom line: Serious, sophisticated science engagement -- but be prepared to take some prep time to connect these labs with your classroom.


Customize science simulations to highlight phenomena

Bottom line: Science simulations become more effective with teacher-added edits and formative assessments.

Re-Mission 2

Six arcade-style games tackle tough subject of cancer

Bottom line: Hours of engaging gameplay will grab even non-gamers and, with some guided reflection, can spur serious learning about the human body.


Definitive periodic table with all the bells and whistles

Bottom line: You won't need any other once you have probed the depths of this truly complete reference resource.

You Make Me Sick!

Dramatic way to teach kids about the spread of germs

Bottom line: This engaging and informative game teaches about the spread of germs by letting players take the side of germs.


High-quality multimedia brings biological research to life

Bottom line: Superb multimedia tools and lesson plans help kids explore biology through real-world examples.

Cogent Education

Think like a scientist: Solve biology case studies

Bottom line: Practice problem-solving skills and learn biology through interactive case studies.


RNA design game can lead to scientific discoveries

Bottom line: Students will enjoy the mix of puzzle solving and creating and will learn some science along the way, but awkward pacing could lose students who don't grab content immediately.


Useful teacher tools, with articles suited for advanced bio students

Bottom line: Good resource for teachers looking to make a virtual classroom; the articles on current issues in science are great for more advanced students.


Biology game's wealth of information helps and hinders

Bottom line: It's got a ton of learning potential not yet packaged, paced, and delivered in a way that will get all students on board.


Challenging protein-folding puzzler helps science research

Bottom line: The complexity will work wonderfully for more advanced students looking for challenge and the opportunity to help scientists, but it's a tough sell for whole-class learning.

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