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10 Great Free Games for Elementary Students

It's hard to narrow the list of great learning games out there, let alone the ones that don't cost a penny. With this list, our editors selected the 10 best elementary-level games that are engaging for students and either completely free or free enough that you only need to spend on optional extras. Use them with kids from pre-kindergarten through fifth grade to help them move around, go on adventures, and learn foundational math and science. Whether kids are playing an engaging STEM puzzler or creating their own games from scratch, they're sure to have fun and learn at the same time. 

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Common Sense Selection

Khan Academy Kids

Creative, smart mix of activities for pre-K to 2 is a breath of fresh air

Bottom line: This early-learning standout offers scaffolded, creative learning of foundational skills.

Sanford Harmony Game Room

Low- to no-prep activities for community-building SEL

Bottom line: Simple SEL integration with conversation starters and team building.


Creative sandbox opens the door to coding in any subject area

Bottom line: Scratch draws students of all types into coding and lays a foundation for future learning.

Spaceteam ESL

Chaotic game offers silly yet novel way to practice English vocab

Bottom line: An irresistibly fun way for ELLs to practice high-frequency English vocabulary, but as an app it's a bit rough around the edges.

Contraption Maker

Solve problems, puzzles, brain teasers while creating wacky machines

Bottom line: Hands-on problem-solving leads to great fun and independent learning with the right curricular wraparound to connect what kids are doing with what they need to know.


Game-like student-response tool can spark competitive fun

Bottom line: This is an effortlessly fun and flexible platform, but it shines best with creative implementation that tests its boundaries.


Dungeon-crawling adventure where code is king

Bottom line: While not everyone loves fighting ogres, CodeCombat offers a classroom-ready platform and an authentic learning experience.


"Just one more turn" gameplay jazzes up geography

Bottom line: It's not a typical educational game, but Geoguessr inspires students to explore the world and encourages them to think critically about what defines a place, including culture and geography.

Community in Crisis

Game shows real-world uses for literacy and decision-making skills

Bottom line: A clever, real-world, and civic-minded context to learn and practice ELA skills.

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