Fantastic supplement to classroom lessons and curriculum.

Submitted 3 years ago
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My Take

I LOVE this program. I discovered this program by chance one day online, experimented with it and shared it with my teammates. Now, we all use it! It is an integral part of our teaching. I completely recommend it as a supplemental program to any curriculum. I would hesitate to use it independently as an instructional source of teaching. Blended with direct instruction and quality hands on practice, it provides the necessary learning environment for students to practice and deeply learn mathematics.

How I Use It

I used Zearn at least three times a week to offer extra support and practice for students. I was able to customize the program to reinforce important skills like place value early in the school year. Place value is huge in my grade and requires lots of time to practice and manipulate the concepts. I was able to teach the direct lessons and provide plenty of hands on and digital practice with Zearn. It also worked at each individual student's pace making it perfect for all my learners.

While students were working independently, I was able to work with individual students to really target holes in their learning cycle and help them based on the data that Zearn provided for me.