My kids love Zearning and so do I :)

Submitted 4 years ago
Hannah P.
Hannah P.
Cohn Elementary School
Port Allen LA, US
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My Take

I am a huge fan of Zearn, especially the 50/50 model with a built in flex day. I feel like I have such a great grasp of what my students have mastered along with what they are struggling with. Since I am able to see each student each day, I am able to help them out when their confusion is small, instead of waiting for a test to reteach. My students absolutely love Zearn, I was a little nervous in the beginning about how they would do working independently since I would be teaching a small group, but they have rocked it. The students love all of the games ( fluency that adjusted to fit the needs of each student) and the songs that are played to help them learn multiplication. I love that they are so engaged in the lesson and when they come to small group for lesson they are able to make great connections to what they have learned. My highest student is literally 2 missions ahead of me and thriving, while I have some students who are few lessons behind my small group lessons, but I love they every student is able to get what they need. After doing Zearn for a year and half, I have nothing negative to say about it. The kids love it, I love it and I can tell that they are growing everyday.

How I Use It

I use Zearn everyday in my classroom, my school used the Eureka curriculum and Zearn is how my school has choosen to implement it. I follow the 50/50 model, where we start class together and complete a word problem and fluency. Then my students transition into 2 groups 1) Zearners- these students log into Zearn and work independently for 30 minutes 2) Small group- this half of my students come to the back table with me and together we work through a small group lesson. After the timer goes off the students switch locations. So everyday each student is getting a small group lesson with me and 30 minutes of independent practice with Zearn.