The highest quality digital compliment to my math instruction

Submitted 4 years ago
Lexie N.
Lexie N.
Odyssey Charter Elementary School
Denver CO, US
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My Take

I worked in a middle school as the coordinator of small group instruction and intervention. 50% of our students were significantly below grade level. Their elementary math curriculum did not engage them or support their teachers to deliver coherent, rigorous instruction that targeted differentiation and personalization every day. I truly believe if our middle school students had experienced Zearn Math implemented with fidelity in their elementary schools, they would have loved learning math and they would have entered middle school with the foundational knowledge they needed to succeed in their middle school math classes and access more opportunities and had greater success in their STEM classes.

How I Use It

Zearn can and should be used as a full math curriculum, using Zearn's recommended Classroom Model. Students learn their grade level content in a range of modalities, including whole group, small group with their teacher and peers, as well as independently. When they're on Zearn, they're learning and connecting new content, following an abstract to concrete progression that promotes productive struggle and balances that with precise and timely feedback and remediation. Students learn new math content every day twice - once with their teacher in a smaller group and again independently on digital lessons. Almost every digital lesson incorporates daily paper and pencil practice so students have opportunities to transfer understanding of the day's lesson objective and receive feedback on their progress.