With less guessing and zero stressing, Zearn is a better way to practice skills in school and at home!

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

Overall, I think that Zearn is a great tool for students who need extra practice or for parents who need to understand the "New Math." All of my students (and parents) really enjoy the program due to the step by step guided practice. Many of my students are visual learners, so the videos prove to be very helpful. Zearn is a great way to practice new skills!

How I Use It

Zearn is a very versatile program that allows students to receive individualized lessons on their learning level. The audio assistance and visual applications allow for low performing readers to access math content. Zearn is completely complimentary to the Engage NY Eureka Math Curriculum; allowing students and parents to practice skills at home. Zearn can be used in Whole Group, Small Group, or individually. The only drawback to individual lessons is that teachers cannot assign one specific lesson to a student. The students must complete an entire topic. Students can follow along on paper and complete an assignment on paper for teacher collection. Zearn also provides pacing reports and alerts for low performing students. The reports can be very helpful; however, I wish the reports were more detailed in regards to Common Core Standards. I want to see which students need help in which standard.