Zearned It, Learned it!

Submitted 5 years ago
Damicka B.
Damicka B.
Harmon Middle School
Pickerington OH, US
My Rating

My Take

I recommend Zearn to all Math classrooms. It's bright, colorful, engaging and aligns to Eureka's curriculum! It's a perfect alternative to the old school way of teaching and learning math. It also frees up teacher time to work in small groups and provide enrichment to struggling students. If I could make a suggestion, I would ask that Zearn allows teachers the option to move students to specific lessons instead of the block of lessons. I would also like the feature of sharing an account with my partner teacher since I am in an inclusion setting. Aside from that, I love Zearn and I can't wait to use Zearn again in my classroom this year.

How I Use It

I used Zearn in my classroom as the Blended Learning Model. Students were assigned the lessons at home and we worked in small groups at school. Zearn proved to be an amazing resource for my regular education students who didn't require many directions in navigating the system and with students who learn math pretty easily. Zearn provides immediate feedback and positive reinforcement. It also provides the teacher with data to help with instruction and support. It also helps the teacher keep track of student learning by providing a snapshot of the lesson that each student is currently on or has completed. During school, I would work in small groups to check for understanding of the lesson. Zearn aligns wonderfully with Eureka so it was easy for me to assign lessons and know that the digital content would cover everything they needed to know in the standard.