Quick and Simple

Submitted 4 years ago
Travis C.
Travis C.
East High School
Anchorage AK, US
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My Take

Overall, this is an easy to use tool use but shouldn't be overused. Students can track their progress and easily see areas that they need to improve in. If students don't make progress, it is easy to target specific areas and teach strategies for it. It helps build confidence and foundational skills that will make more advance math less strenuous for struggling students.

How I Use It

As a resource math teacher in high school, I struggle with finding ways to help students learn their basic math facts quickly. This platform is fast, self grades, and provides great visuals for students to observe their progress over the school year. The guy on the website is pretty cheesy but there are a lot of great memes out there to get students engaged with humor. To keep students engaged, I only required that they do it once a week in class, approximately 5 minutes. Outside of that, they could earn extra credit for doing it.