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Great practice!

Overall this is an excellent practice site to support basic concepts and knowledge in mathematics.
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WARNING: Students can access your teacher password through the teacher/parent login screen. There is a link there to manage passwords of which XtraMath is one. Then the button to show the password is clicked and voila, there it is.

See above.
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Basic but it works!

It may not be fun and exciting but I need them to know their math facts! This program is strictly rote practice but it worked for me when I was a kid...I still know my math facts! I try to make a big deal out of students passing a level. I print the certificate and give it to them and we all clap for them. Some of them come to tell me how many facts they got correct that day. For my classroom it's like using flashcards but this way I can keep track of their progress.
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Drill, Practice, Drill, Practice Math Facts---for Free!

I love this tool to use in my classroom as a support for my 5th graders learning and remembering their multiplication and division math facts. They have to be quick at them if they want to use them for fractions and decimals. I used it every day for a warm up for the first 10-12 minutes of math class, then we would get into the math lesson. I found that it would warm up their brains to math. Kids can use their usernames at home and do it at home as well. Overall, I liked this FREE program, and found it useful for math facts drill and memorization.
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Quick and Simple

Overall, this is an easy to use tool use but shouldn't be overused. Students can track their progress and easily see areas that they need to improve in. If students don't make progress, it is easy to target specific areas and teach strategies for it. It helps build confidence and foundational skills that will make more advance math less strenuous for struggling students.
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Xtramath is great for addition and subtraction skills practice for my first grade students. It helps my students master addition and subtraction to become more fluent and ready for second grade.

Xtramath is strictly a reinforcement activity after addition and subtraction have been taught. It should be used to help students practice their skills and become more fluent with math facts.
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Practice makes perfect

I think this is a great product for what is designed for. My students get immediate daily feedback on progress. I print certificates as they master each function and they love getting them. I love that I don' t have to grade stacks of fact tests and that it moves them through at their pace. You can customize the setting for accelerated learners or exception ed learners.
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Free and Easy to use

Overall, I love to use the program for simple practices whether in their center work or as warm-up. The site is very specific on what it wants the students to do which helps the stay focused on the drills and less on advertisements, other games or links etc. The site is a bit dull and because of that students may be disengaged. To help curb this, the practices for each day are short and direct. The teacher may want to spice it up by adding an incentive or by celebrating a student each time they pass a program. Adding an incentive may help students show more excitement about doing the activity. I think that it is very important for students to know their basic facts before moving to the upper grades. I do not think the site should be solely used to drill the students but as an extra support to help them become more successful mathematicians in the future.
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Straight Forward Digital Math Drills

This is a straight forward digital math fluency drill. It does not have many "bells and whistles", but it is great for independent practice. Students can use it anywhere with internet service. With a brief amount of time every day, students can gain fluency on basic math skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). I like that everyone is not on the same skill as students are working on skills they need to improve. It is FREE and easy to set up.
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I've had great success with Xtramath.

I love Xtramath. I've seen students of all levels succeed!
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