Math site that allows you to use at school and at home!

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

Overall I feel like this site is a great tool to utilize in the classroom. I like how you can give students lessons and activities based on their level and needs as well as chart their progress. This helps with my special education students who need to show evidence that they have achieved their goals. I also like the parent component that keeps the parents informed of what we are doing and allows students to access their accounts from home.

How I Use It

This site is a great tool to use in your classroom. I can see myself using this in my classroom. It allows me to set-up each student with their own account and have them work on lessons tailored to their needs. I like how they provide flyers for the parents to explain what the program is and what they can expect. In addition it gives you progress on your students which can help me with grades, assessments, and IEP goals. I definitely want to use this in my classroom.