Kept Kids Interested in Learning Letter/Number Formations

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

I think it is a great beginning of the year app for kindergartners and/or special needs for 1st/2nd. I found that the letter formation exercise were aligned to how I teach letter formation. It served the purpose for what I intended - introduce students to swipes, writing on iPad, on/off, home button, double tap on home to see "open" apps and then closing out an open app as well as self-control and responsibility. It seems like an expensive app in light of what is out there, but to my surprise the children (at least some) would still go back to it throughout the year.

How I Use It

I used this to introduce my kindergartners (1:1 class) to the iPad. My thought was that it would be an app to use for the first quarter and that the children would loose interest. But I observed many of the children would go back to this app, they found it relaxing and engaging. I used this as a free choice option when students were done with work or after lunch or during free choice. There is a option to program hyour set of words however it was too long of a process to go to each and every iPad and type in the list (I was using sight words), so while teh feature is there, I choose not to use it.