Very enjoyable for students. They couldn't get enough of the sounds and graphics. They never seemed happier to write their letters.

Submitted 6 years ago
Samantha C.
Samantha C.
Triple R Child Care Inc
Oak Forest IL, US
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My Take

My overall opinion is this project would be a hood investment. With the level of engagment needing to be incredibly high for early childhood, this takes care of that issue. However, it would need to be used sparingly since it may get old after a while if continued use every day. The kids would benefit greatly because the only practice they get is at school, having the ability to practice more at home would be very helpful.

How I Use It

I would use this to help my students practive writing their letters. The parents are constantly searching for software like this to help their children. This would be a great item to tell parents about, since a majority of my students play with tablets, ipads and such all the time anyways. However the sounds might get overwhelming or annoying for parents after a while but the students love them so that would be a struggle.