Amazing supplemental writing tool!

Submitted 2 years ago
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My Take

The customization of which readings an educator selects, how and what questions are asked, and the rubric's wording is great for educators supplementing their assignments or incorporating someone else's materials, enabling less time for curating. The formatting can be modeled after tests like the SAT, which is very practical because $7 for an entire year is significantly cheaper than what parents are willing to pay for SAT prep. Offering sample sentence starters for anonymous peer feedback is helpful because some students may be able to recognize when something is off about the wording, grammar, etc of a student's writing, but unclear how to address it in a constructive way. While annotating the reading passage, it would be helpful for this resource to have a pop-up dictionary, especially for ELL students who want to read the reading in English instead of the one offered in Spanish. Overall, this seems like a great resource!

How I Use It

If I used this resource, I would have a whole class of different leveled students, but separate them into small groups of people on their writing level. In doing this, someone from a lower writing proficiency will not be put in a position where they are annotating an advanced student's writing and feel embarrassed that they do not have enough of a command of writing to recognize the errors. I wouldn't offer this as homework because it opens the possibilities of students using each other or the Internet to cheat. I see it as a supplemental tool, so this shouldn't be how the teacher teaches the lesson. Otherwise, the purposes of this product are quite helpful!