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I love using this site because of the accessibility features. It allows all types of learners to understand the text. The images are rich and the content is engaging. Since it identifies the vocabulary it helps the students better understand the content. If you want a great science article this is it. Along with the article there is a section called try it out. This section explains to the students how they could work with family or friends to dive into the topic more.

How I Use It

I have used this site for project based learning and for classroom learning. The students were able to choose an article that they like and read it. When they were done they presented the information to the class in the form of a project. The site was great! It will read the text to you and many of them have a small video clip. Another great feature is the vocabulary words are highlighted and will give you a definition of the word. The articles are interesting and the kids are engaged in reading them.