Fun interactive worksheet for differentiation

Submitted 3 years ago
Ursula R.
Ursula R.
Falling Creek Middle School
North Chesterfield VA, US
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My Take

Overall I find this to be a fantastic tool. As a World Language teacher I find the recording and video options very useful to assess student listening comprehension. The draw feature engages the artistic student and label feature makes it challenging for students as they must get it exactly to be scored as correct. That may be a drawback if capitalization and spelling don't matter but as a German teacher those features do matter. The print version does use a lot of paper but if you only need a few copies as a back up for students who do not have a charged device it is not a big deal.

How I Use It

I use Wizer for informal assessments both in the classroom and as homework. I use simple matching or T/F as well as short answer. I have embedded videos, links and uploaded MP3 files for listening activities. Incorporating the draw and label features help me with my students with 504 and IEP accommodations. The sorting feature has students using higher level thinking skills and the open question makes them engage more critically. The students find these worksheets more engaging than paper versions and makes it easier for them to work on them at home.
It is easy to make different versions of the same worksheet. Just make a copy and revise it for advanced or struggling learners.