Do you want to teach "Wizer"? Try!

Submitted 5 years ago
Karen D.
Karen D.
Technology Integrationist
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I love this product as a teaching tool. You can create your whole lesson within the environment including learning objectives, videos, links to other web resources and formative and summative assessments. Technical support for this product is also superior. If I had questions, they were answered almost immediately. They are also trying to improve the site by adding graphic organizers and the auto save feature.
Our administrative staff have used it for professional development activities too. I highly recommend

How I Use It in an interactive worksheet. Not only can you ask the basic true/false, multiple choice, fill in the blank kinds of questions, you can create sorting and sequencing activities. Students can also "show they know" with the built in drawing capabilities.
One of my favorite features is the labeling question. Teachers can add an image labels that can be filled in by students. Of course all of these questions will be automatically graded, saving teachers valuable time.
With teachers have the ability to record the questions for students who require texts be read to them aloud. It also lets students record their answers. Links, images and video can also be added to the worksheet.
Students are actively engaged and receive immediate feedback with this product.