Awesome way to have students create websites in a snap!

Submitted 7 years ago
Robbie J.
Robbie J.
Blended Learning Coordinator
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I feel that this tool is great for the classroom, especially starting with upper elementary students. While the tool doesn't actually teach the students any content, they can use the tool to explain their understanding or learning to a whole new level. Having students build digital portfolios or turn that old Power Point project into an interactive website will really make the learning come alive. I am a big fan of having students teach other students, this is a tool that provides that experience for that. It's as easy as hitting the "Publish" button and they are web designers on the content they provide!

One piece that I wish we could take away is the part of the tool that looks at monetizing off of the site. When students are in a site, they shouldn't need to worry about making money on anything.

How I Use It

Thanks to the National History Day website contest we have been using this with upper elementary/middle school students to create highly designed, informative entries into the National History Day competition. When preparing our students, we take about 30 minutes to show them the tool and they are up and running. Very little technology knowledge is needed to get started.

I have also used this tool many times with graduate students to create interactive digital portfolios based on what content we are learning in our graduate class.