Weebly provides students the opporutnity to create and publish their own website with ease. They can easily search, drag and drop media into their site. Students take great pride in publishing culminating projects on the Worldwide Web.

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

The product was a great teaching tool for my students. They enjoyed publishing something that was their own creative project on the internet. It does require direct teacher instruction at the onset of the project if students have had little or no experience in creating a website. A student tutorial would be beneficial that students could view independently.

How I Use It

I utilized this product as a culminating activity for my student's Passion Projects. Students were given the freedom to choose the format they would use when presenting their project. The site met the diverse needs of the learners utilizing it. I had students who had never worked with creating something in HTML and others who had more experience. Those students who did not have any experience required more teacher directed assistance.