Not the easiest to set-up and basic but a great free resource.

Submitted 8 years ago
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The set up was pretty basic for someone like me who is used to figuring out technology. This is not for the technology novices out there to do without help. The organization of the webpage is not as free as I'd like it to be. I would ideally like to easily drag and drop items with precision but that was not the case. After the set-up everything is great. You have a free space to provide services to your students and parents and they have an all-inclusive resource to utilize without the need to continuously involve you.

How I Use It

Weebly became a useful tool for me to post links and resources for both my in-class needs and my students' at-hope needs. I made a section for my assessment websites (like,, edulastic, etc...) and so that the students don't have to remember web addresses or anything like that. They can bookmark or remember my weebly and get to where they need to go with minimal class time being wasted. Below that I made a list of resources for parents and students to use at home with little descriptions of what they are. There is some practice, some references, and site for a graphing calculator. Having that one home avoids a lot of confusion and allows the students to be less dependent on me.