Verbally articulate the written word in a usable mp3 file for presentations and websites.

Submitted 8 years ago
Kirstin  S.
Kirstin S.
Cabell County Schools
Huntington WV, US
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My Take

This is a great tool for teachers and students to use for various purposes from improving writing and jazzing presenations and websites. I liked how the recorded voice could be saved as a mp3 file for future use. The website is extremely user-friendly and free!

How I Use It

vozME is a great product for helping students 'hear' their writing. This product could be used as means of editing/ revision for shorter pieces of composition. It can also allow for teaches and students to record information to place on a website or in a presentation for anything from the flipped classroom to class presentations. I would use this in class and suggest it as a tool for use in student presentations. Personally, I would use it to assist with flipped classroom audio or revision stations.