Go Vizzle? Go Crazy!

Submitted 4 years ago
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Go Vizzle is a great website to use for any content area. You can match, sort, read a book or play a game using content from a specific unit. There are plenty of pre-made activities, but if you feel adventurous you can certainly create your own. I like being able to make my own content as I know the activity will be appropriate for the lesson and my students. I haven't seen much support from the website which is the downside of using this site. The website will often "glitch" and images will not load or the website won't load or free in the middle of an activity. Usually refreshing the page and logging back into the site will take care of the issue. This website will work on touch screen computers or with a mouse depending upon what is available in your classroom.

How I Use It

I use Go Vizzle as a staple for my small group rotations in my class. I teach students with severe disabilities and it has become a foundation for my lesson plans. I have learned to create activities on my own, as well as searching for pre-made activities made from other teachers. You can have simple matching games (field of 1 to 10 picture/text choices), sorting games, "board games" and read books with questions embedded in the story. You can also search the image library for many images or import your own if you don't have any that meet your needs. Vizzle activities can be assigned to students and will take data automatically for you. My students love using this site. Whenever they get an answer correct or finish an activity there is a reward/graphic at the end of a question/activity. This maintains their interest throughout the lesson. My lower functioning and higher functioning students can use this website with ease. When creating activities you are able to adjust how many choices, rewards shown, size of tiles and whether incorrect answers disappear or are marked with a red "X".