Great interactive tool for students with special needs, specifically Autism

Submitted 4 years ago
Meg H.
Meg H.
Shiloh Middle School
Hampstead MD, US
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My Take

I think that Vizzle is a wonderful teaching tool that can be incorporated during classroom lessons and routines for any subject area. As a teacher in a self-contained classroom for students with Autism, I've used Vizzle during whole group, small group, and for independent work. I absolutely love the fact that I am able to individualize lessons to meet each learners needs. I am able to assign lessons to each student and they are then able to log into their Vizzle Player and complete each lesson. It monitors their responses which is wonderful for IEP data collection. This data can be used for me to see what areas I need to re-teach or practice with the student. Students are extremely engaged and motivated to use Vizzle each and every day. Although Vizzle is wonderful and is an engaging interactive teaching tool, I did find that it often can be time consuming to create, edit or find lessons. However, I feel that Vizzle helps me tremendously to meet each students needs each and every day.

How I Use It

Vizzle is an interactive software that educators can use to enhance group lessons, target specific skills or concepts during small group instruction, or individualize lessons for each student that they may use independently. Lessons that are provided are aligned to state standards and can be designed to meet individualized IEP goals. The educator can pick from a bank of over 15,000 pre-made lessons, or create their own lesson to tailor it to their classroom needs. Vizzle can be used on a smart board, computer or tablet. The software also has the ability for the teacher to create profiles for each student. The teacher can then assign specific lessons to each learner profile. When the learner is logged in to their profile, they can go through and work on each lesson and the software is able to monitor their responses. This is a wonderful tool for teacher’s to use to collect data for IEP goals and objectives.

The various types of templates and lessons that are found and/or that can be created through Vizzle are: interactive books, matching and sorting activities, as well as games. Vizzle uses Errorless Learning to ensure that students always answer correctly. The software also provides visual, positive reinforcements to reinforce the correct answer. These reinforces are very engaging and motivating for students.

When using this tool within a special education classroom, I am able to cater each lesson to each individual student. For example, I have students that need a smaller field of answer choices (1-3) to answer questions while other students can have a field of 10. Vizzle allows me to modify each lesson so that all learners are able to participate and demonstrate their understanding. This tool can be used in general education, as well; however, I feel it really benefits students with disabilities, especially students with Autism.