Nice tool for hearing from all of your students

Submitted 7 years ago
Dana O.
Dana O.
Instructional Technology Integrator
North Allegheny School District
Pittsburgh PA, US
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My Take

I really like that Verso is seamless. The students can view your video, website, or document right where they are posting. The look is user-friendly for students and you. The fact that students won't see who they are replying to, helps them to interact with students they typically wouldn't, building up that sense of community in the classroom.

How I Use It

I recommend this website for teachers who would want their students to have an online discussion with other members of the class where the students appear anonymous to each other, but the teacher can see who's who. Students join a teacher's "class" and can join multiple classes with the same account. It's really simple to set up the activities for the students to complete and you receive data on the students posts. What's great is that it works on any device because it's web-based without flash!