Promote Student Voice

Submitted 8 years ago
Robin Z.
Robin Z.
Technology coordinator
William Street School
Lancaster NY, US
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My Take

I especially like the anonymity. Students were free to contribute their voices without the fear of being judged by classmates.

How I Use It

This is an easy to use site that promotes student voice and engagement. The teacher sets up a prompt: a video, a link to a website or article, a picture or text. She then adds a task or thoughtful question requiring a short or extended response. Students do not need email for an account, just the teacher's code to see the assignment. All student comments and answers show up anonymously to classmates, but the teacher can see who wrote each response.
Students can comment on others' answers and even "like" an answer. Because it is completely anonymous, students are freer to respond and give feedback without judgement. All answered are saved for teachers to go back and grade when necessary.