Looking for an easy to use FREE app for Venn diagrams? This app is great for putting the power of the Venn to use on student ipads.

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

I've been looking for an easy to use venn diagram app that is FREE. This app comes from the International Reading Association and is just that. It's very no-frills, easy to use and appropriate for any grade from 2-12. Because it's not a cutesy interface, it could easily be used by middle school or high school students to compare and contrast. The interface might not be intuitive for kinders or first graders as it requires reasonable skill with the keyboard.

How I Use It

I recommend introducing this app to your students as a whole class to compare and contrast two or three topics. Then allow students to use it in pairs or independently for their work. It has many, many applications. It's value is only limited by teacher and student application, but this app, if used well, definitely accommodates Bloom's higher levels of thinking. Once introduced to your class, it makes for great independent student use and multiple diagrams can be saved and added to on one shared device.