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Go Digital with Venn Diagram - Simple, but more time!

While this app is easy to use, it probably will take your students longer to complete it digitally than paper/pencil. That's when you ask yourself, is the effort worth the impact? Does using this app transform the learning? In most cases, the answer is no. That's when you can think about how you can extend the learning making students think more critically about the content they are learning by using the suggestion above regarding app-smashing. I do like the fact that the app does allow you to save work and complete it later. You can have multiple students working on the same device and still save individual student work. Not many apps do this. If you're worried about losing papers, Venn Diagram helps tremendously by keeping everything digital. If you're wanting additional resources for BYOD, Venn Diagram can help as it's available on iOS and Android devices as well as being a web-based app. If you're needing an alternative for students who are reluctant writers or who have a "typing" accommodation, Venn Diagram can help.
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Simple and easy to use

This is a very simple Venn Diagram app. It's design is not geared to any particular level, so it works in elementary, middle, and high school. It is especially helpful for students who have trouble drawing their own Venn Diagrams, or those who simply run out of space in their work. Students also have an easy way to store and save their work so that they do not lose it in the long run. When it came to using the item description box, many of them would use it to elaborate on their original label. It does help if students are familiar with the iPad and the keyboard, and have a basic understanding of what the app does. For students who do not, it would be best to give them a print out of a Venn Diagram instead. It would also be nice if there were a way to move around the titles for each circle, and give each diagram a name overall. My students were confused when they could not do this, as it had been a requirement any other time they created a Venn Diagram. Overall, it's a decent little app, and a good way to use technology to rope in the hesitant writers. Some may prefer being able to create their work on the iPad rather than on pencil and paper.
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Venn Diagram Fun

It's not a bad app in that it can help you make clean and clear venn diagrams. It's free which is a plus because I definitely would not pay for it. It is a good whole group app so you can work on comparing and contrasting but overall I wouldn't go out of my way for it.
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Simple app for compare and contrast but very effective

I really like this app. This is a simple but effective app. Comparing and contrasting is a very important skill in the primary grades and using a venn diagram is the most effective way of teaching it. My 3rd graders had no problems using this app for the first time. It was more engaging to them to create a venn diagram on the ipad rather than on paper. It was easy for them to type in their responses and then move the words to the correct place on the venn diagram. This app will be used quite often in my classroom.
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Looking for an easy to use FREE app for Venn diagrams? This app is great for putting the power of the Venn to use on student ipads.

I've been looking for an easy to use venn diagram app that is FREE. This app comes from the International Reading Association and is just that. It's very no-frills, easy to use and appropriate for any grade from 2-12. Because it's not a cutesy interface, it could easily be used by middle school or high school students to compare and contrast. The interface might not be intuitive for kinders or first graders as it requires reasonable skill with the keyboard.
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