Typing Agent-too many games not enough progress

Submitted 3 years ago
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My Take

To me it seems like the short bursts of time teachers allow kids to use the app during the school day is just not enough. Some teachers only have their students use it once a week for 15 minutes. How can they build any kind of efficiency with that. And then the games pop up way too frequently. I know you can turn them off or limit them in settings, but then the kids are disappointed. If an adult is not walking around monitoring them, the students will revert to using two fingers or just one hand. It is so difficult to get the students to keep their fingers on home row keys. I suppose that is probably true of many typing programs, but I am not a big fan of Typing Agent.

How I Use It

The students are using this one or two times a week for a few weeks. It does help familiarize students with the keyboard, but without consistent time for practice students have trouble making progress with speed and accuracy.