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Interactive but student find boring and repetitive

The students found this product repetitive and boring.
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With technology being so prevalent, especially in our school, I think using this program in the early grades would be greatly beneficial. Waiting until high school to teach keyboarding is useless.

My overall opinion is that students will enjoy it..
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Students in grades 3-5 find the lessons very engaging and progress through the levels quickly. The K-2 curriculum is a bit repetitive and students become easily bored and are often frustrated with their lack of progress.

The leaderboard function is a great option to encourage students to practice. The ability to use gritcoins to purchase game time is wonderful and prevents students from spending too much time playing games and not practicing keyboarding skills.I also like the fact that you can turn the games function off when necessary. The ability to change and personalize the avatar and the background increases student engagement and the students enjoy the ability to personalize the product. Sometimes the lessons can be challenging for for younger
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Typing Agent can be fun at first but the students can start to find the lessons redundant and not fun.

I feel like it is a good teaching tool but the students are not challenged and lose interest quickly.
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Typing Agent-too many games not enough progress

To me it seems like the short bursts of time teachers allow kids to use the app during the school day is just not enough. Some teachers only have their students use it once a week for 15 minutes. How can they build any kind of efficiency with that. And then the games pop up way too frequently. I know you can turn them off or limit them in settings, but then the kids are disappointed. If an adult is not walking around monitoring them, the students will revert to using two fingers or just one hand. It is so difficult to get the students to keep their fingers on home row keys. I suppose that is probably true of many typing programs, but I am not a big fan of Typing Agent.
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Motivated, engaged students make real progress! Easy-to implement program supports all areas of curriculum and real-life skills.

After recently piloting four typing programs, our school chose Typing Agent for our grade 3, 4 & 5 students. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is colorful but not overwhelming. It can be set up to be rigorous but provides support and practice. Students can earn GritCoins to spend on games. There is a ‘Social’ component to teach Digital Citizenship, a ‘Document’ component that will score real-world writing exercises, and a ‘Coding’ unit in which students can create their own game. Students can see their progress at the click of a button in several formats, and each lesson provides immediate feedback. THe backspace key can be disabled which encourages typing accuracy. Students are motivated to repeat lessons to earn 3 stars on every lesson. For administration, students and staff are easily uploaded in batches. Settings can be set for entire grades, classes, or individually. Any grading system can be accommodated so at Report Card time, one report gives me their grades set to our grading system, which eliminates the need for manual scoring of students’ progress, We can print individual student login cards, letters for parents, certificates, and even keyboard posters. Various types of reports allow me to focus on any aspect of progress, including how much time a student or any group of students spent actually typing. There is an online ‘Chat’ with tech support, which was very useful during our initial set-up and our email system went down! This is a brief overview of the many useful features of this typing program. Although our school just started using it in December 2016, we anticipate a long-term, positive experience.
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