Excellent online resource for storytelling, coding, and summarizing. Great for 1:1 applications!

Submitted 8 years ago
Todd B.
Todd B.
Lancaster Mennonite School
Lancaster PA, US
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My Take

I love the concept Twine is using. The Twine 2 version, which I used, is an web-based tool which looks nice and is relatively easy to use. Learning to use the tool took about 10 minutes of instruction. Students that get into the work can be taught the more advanced coding-like aspects of Twine including conditional statements, etc. The only concern I have currently is HUGE. There is no easy way to save the files. The computers in our school don't allow students to save locally, and there is no easy way to save to a flash drive or their Google Drive. Add that functionality and this would be a sweet assessment tool.

How I Use It

I was looking for an application to help students create a historical overview, including dates and names of the people and events we had (hopefully) learned in class. I wanted to take it beyond the memorization and have students create a storified version of the history we covered. I found that many students jumped right into creative mode, making elaborate storylines and introducing appropriate humor. These reminded me of the Choose Your Own Adventure stories I read as a child. A significant subset of students simply made a series of multiple choice questions.

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