Engaging and Interactive Math App

Submitted 8 years ago
My Rating

My Take

Altogether, I think that Todo Math breaks the learning down into easy steps and creates a visual picture of the concept. Students quickly learn how to use the app and play the different games. I know that with this app students are able to independently use it and deepen their understanding of the math concept taught in class. They often ask me to upgrade it so they can try the harder levels. It’s a great app for the younger elementary grade levels!

How I Use It

Todo Math is a great interactive app that allows students to experience many different areas of math in a fun and engaging way. In the classroom, I often use the app as an extension to my lesson. After teaching one of the concepts in class, I have a small group or individual student practice the skills using this app. Within the app, I can select a certain skill for the student to practice more. I can also allow students to use the mission feature or daily practice feature to explore various concepts on their own. This app could also be used as a warm up activity to review the skills previously taught in class.