Exciting app that keeps students engaged and wanting to spend more time doing Math!

Submitted 10 years ago
Brandy F.
Brandy F.
Hiram W Dodd Elementary School
Allentown PA, US
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My Take

I am a self-contained Autistic Support teacher. I currently have students grades K-3 that receive support in my classroom. My students will choose to use Todo Math during free time instead of games! The app provides many activities and numerous levels that are designed to fit the needs of students grades K-2. This app provides so many levels and fun activities that every student in my classroom can find an activity that they can use independently.

How I Use It

I began using this app as a whole group activity. I tried various levels in each activity so the students could see the different options. If you choose to do timed practice the app chooses the activity for the student and at the end of the time the app will ask the student if the practice was too hard, too easy or just right. Now that I know my students know how to use each activity I use the activity as a Math warm up or an option during out free time. I have also used the app during Math centers or as independent practice.