Great activities that I usually spend hours generating!

Submitted 10 years ago
Carissa H.
Carissa H.
Oakland High School
Murfreesboro TN, US
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My Take

Texas Instruments creates lessons that are like the ones I would spend hours generating! The lessons are clear and easy to follow! The lessons are creative, with nice connections to real world or big concepts which is valuable. The way it walks students through helps them see the big picture. It is nice that is organized with a clear flow, but the lessons always take longer than they "should" as the students work the way through them. They do help the students more than I probably would (they let them struggle less than I probably would and instead give them guidance in a step by step fashion) which if not careful could lead to more of a procedural focus.

How I Use It

Great for the "introduction" to a new unit or topic. I like to use them to start with the big picture, then zoom in and I do my lessons to work with procedure, and then hit back to these lessons to further their applications. They are also great for sub days because the students can follow through a lot of the guidance on their own or with groups without much help from a substitute!