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TI Math is my go to place to find higher thinking activities as well as practice

The activities on the TI Math site are so encompassing that I can use it for virtually anything I want. One drawback is the search tool. It is not very user friendly until you become really familiar with how to search. I like the fact that I can send different levels of the same material to my students depending on their level of ability.
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Lots of ideas and a great way to make math interactive!

A lot of really great activities for introducing, visualizing, and practicing various concepts. Math nowadays seems to lack the explanation of why something exists or why a property is the way it is. Some of these activities dive into these explanations. With our students growing up in a time where technology is so prevalent, these activities are great ways to keep them active in learning and give them the visualization that their brains thrive on. The down side to this website is that it works mostly with the TI brand calculator. For a lot of the activities, you need to download a program from their website and send it to every calculator you will be using for that activity. I know that having to send this to all 30 calculators in my classroom would keep me from wanting to use activities from this site,
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A great way to make any math interactive

Ti makes activities for all levels of math that are aligned to the ALL state curriculum. These activities allow your students to explore math instead of being inactive participants.
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Great activities that I usually spend hours generating!

Texas Instruments creates lessons that are like the ones I would spend hours generating! The lessons are clear and easy to follow! The lessons are creative, with nice connections to real world or big concepts which is valuable. The way it walks students through helps them see the big picture. It is nice that is organized with a clear flow, but the lessons always take longer than they "should" as the students work the way through them. They do help the students more than I probably would (they let them struggle less than I probably would and instead give them guidance in a step by step fashion) which if not careful could lead to more of a procedural focus.
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