Awesome and engaging app to teach patience and problem-solving.

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Thinkrolls teaches both patience and problem-solving skills in a very fun, cute and engaging way. The app involves moving or rolling a cute, round character down a maze of obstacles in order to catch and unlock a different cute, round character. The app is aimed at kids ages 3 - 9, with two levels of difficulty. The easy level has 90 mazes, while the hard level has 90 slightly more complex mazes. The mazes are grouped together by different special components that are introduced throughout the game. For example, in one set of mazes, players have to eat through cookies to navigate through the maze. In subsequent levels, players have to drop boulders to break through floors, put out fires with blocks of ice, and use elevators to move up and down. It is a great way to encourage problem-solving with gradually increasing levels of complexity.

So far, I haven't found anything negative about the app.

How I Use It

I use this app with my 5 year old son. Since my wife and I limit his screen time, any app that he gets to play with has to be a good one. Thinkrolls requires and helps kids develop patience and perseverance. It is engaging and fun enough that may kids, like my son, will not get frustrated and give up. On the contrary, my son patiently worked through the mazes on his own for over half an hour.

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