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I really enjoyed using the site and found it easy to navigate throughout. ThinkCERCA allows students to enhance their abilities to evaluate, analyze, and understand reading, writing, and critical thinking. This is done by allowing the students to make claims about the texts, support their ideas with evidence, explain their reasoning, and identify counterarguments. The program allows students to write their responses to compelling questions and stories. Through this, the students are able to evaluate and analyze the texts and understand on a deeper level.

How I Use It

I would use ThinkCERCA to help enhance student learning and understanding in various subjects. ThinkCERCA is a great tool for teaching ELA through grades 3 -12. ThinkCERCA’s emphasis on using writing throughout various subjects can help students become confident in their writing skills, as well as develop and enhance their critical thinking skills. Using ThinkCERCA in the classroom would help keep track of my students’ reading comprehension skills. ThinkCERCA’s ability to create and modify lesson plans can help keep track of the student’s understanding, as well as create assessments.