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Think CERCA: Effective Instruction thru Engaging Texts and Reliable Assessments in Remote or In-Person Learning!

I have found their materials to be very standards aligned and relevant and accessible. My students engage in writing workshop regularly and students liked the structure of the lessons which made embedding text in their writing more effective. Students annotated texts and their notes were organized and focused. Students enjoyed debating various sides of an article. Having a text set with opposing viewpoints already vetted made teacher planning more effective. The assessment component provides diagnostics features, formative check-ins & authentic writing with supports to scaffold instruction. Students engaged with TC throughout this last year. When the schools closed in March, TC was a consistent platform that allowed for seamless feedback to their reading and writing. Think CERCA is rooted in solid writing best practices in a way that promotes student growth in reading and writing. Think CRERCA has been a staple in my classroom for several years now and continues to contribute to my students' growth as readers and writers.
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Wonderful resource for differentiation!

I enjoyed having the resource in my class. It allowed me to break down the assignment and show them the "big picture" after they were done.
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Very versatile!

This product is an excellent teaching tool. I like that there are modules on the writing process that I could use to introduce students to CERCA before I chose science-specific modules. Also, the ability to choose different reading levels enables me to differentiate for students within one class, and students were not aware that they were reading a different passage than other students.
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Great Addition!

I really enjoyed using the site and found it easy to navigate throughout. ThinkCERCA allows students to enhance their abilities to evaluate, analyze, and understand reading, writing, and critical thinking. This is done by allowing the students to make claims about the texts, support their ideas with evidence, explain their reasoning, and identify counterarguments. The program allows students to write their responses to compelling questions and stories. Through this, the students are able to evaluate and analyze the texts and understand on a deeper level.
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Fun and engaging for students!

I enjoyed this as a writing lesson on the importance of thinking critically as well as analyzing and using valid evidence.
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Great supplement to get students writing.

This is a great teaching tool. It walks the students through the writing process.
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Drawbacks include paid subscription and it's is non-prescriptive.

Would like to see all options offered at the no-cost level and prescriptions added.
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A Gift from the Common Core Aligned Writing Gods!

Think Cerca is really a gift! It is an amazing website that seems to really understand the intricacies of teaching and provide teachers with an awesome level of support need to navigate the teaching waters. Cerca is an acronym for Claim, Evidence, Reason, Counterargument, Audience. While the acronym may seem fairly unimportant, as a teacher, it provides me with the knowledge that the focus of the Common Core shift is at the root of the ThinkCerca instructional focus. ThinkCerca provides students with challenging questions to consider and analyze through engaging texts. I LOVE that students and I are both able to track their mastery. This feature, I feel, provides students with an autonomy that promotes ownership of their learning. I also appreciate that I may assign tasks/readings to students, regardless of it they are present or not. This feature has truly enabled me to combat the attendance issues that many of my students in this course present. My only critique of Think Cerca is the fact that the paid subscription offers so much more to students and teachers. I mostly wish that the ability to create ThinkCerca content was a free feature.
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Thought-provoking classroom resources support diversity education for

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It is fun to watch how your students' opinions change from knee jerk reactions to educated opinions!

I was introduced to this product by my own son who was completing a homework assignment. It sparked a quality family conversation about a hot topic. The next day I demonstrated to my students and I have been hooked since!
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