Awesome and engaging alternative to book reports in 4th grade.

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

I like that thinglink offers many options to create, essentially, a hyper doc around a given topic. Thinglink could be used for book reports or any other report in other content areas. The only link we could not get to link in our projects were links to Google docs. Instead of having my 4th graders write their opinion pieces in a Google doc and linking it, they had to write the paragraph within a text box in thinglink. In terms of setting up a class account, one thing I found challenging was that I could assign my students accounts, but could only print out their log ins one time. I could not access log in info at a later date. Secondly, the accounts contained long user names and passwords that my 4th graders could not easily memorize. I love thinglink for individual projects since my students loved it. However, it proved challenging to set up a whole class to have user names and passwords.

How I Use It

After reading a chapter book as a class, we created a thinglink and embedded links to key vocabulary relevant to the text, book trailers for the book, a summary of the story, an argumentative paragraph about a favorite character as well as links to student created drawings that support comprehension. After this activity using a whole class text, students worked with their small reading (lit circle) groups to complete a thinglink after reading their small group text.