Interactive and NOT just for 6-10!

Submitted 7 years ago
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The thing that I liked the most about Thinglink is that you can share the final product via url or html and post it almost anywhere. I like how easy it was for the third graders to use. It helped reinforce everything that they learned about PDBF in their classroom and apply it in my technology class.

How I Use It

I used Thinglink with my third grade classes. They used it to create a visual "book report" on the Poison Dart Frog. They create hyperlinks to videos, websites, and their Google Doc reports. I showed them one time how to access the tools to add links and they were off and running on their own! The only drawback is we used it under one account. Using one account made continuing work later a bit chaotic. They did not have their own email addresses at the time, but now they do so next time they will quickly create their own Thinglink accounts.

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