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Character & SEL, Creativity, English Language Arts

Price: Free
Platforms: iPad

Pros: Interactive components make creating and recording poems easy.

Cons: The collection of poets lacks diversity.

Bottom Line: The Poetry App lets students reference over 100 poems, and encourages them to create and record their own.

This engaging app makes an excellent reference resource for any classroom. Let students get lost in another world where poetry comes to life, and they can contribute their own creations. The Poetry App's writing and recording tools could serve as an alternative to your standard writing assignments, and the share features allow students to send their work via email. Beyond that, it may be difficult to connect this app to your core subjects, and the lack of assessment tools make it difficult to track students' work. The Poetry App is best suited as a self-paced learning tool for students to explore independently in the classroom.

A crackling fire sets the tone for The Poetry App. Students can discover 16 poets from the past, including Emily Dickinson, T.S. Eliot, and Robert Frost, and access over 100 of their poems. Beneath the flashy exterior is a simple reference library with writing and recording tools for students to create their own poems. The app makes it easy to incorporate favorite words from the selection of poets. Each poem has an audio option for students to listen along, and students can curate their own selection of favorites. Sharing features make it easy for students to share their work, or works from their favorite poets, via email and social media.

The Poetry App is an excellent addition to any library, allowing students to easily reference poets while writing and recording their own work. Students get exposed to poetry in an engaging way with reference and recording tools, and they have the ability to share their work via email and social media. There's potential to transfer The Poetry App experience into the non-digital world, but the emphasis remains on digital tools. With over 100 poems available, there's plenty to explore, but the lack of diversity in poets may cause some to lose interest.

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Explore poems through text or audio, and create some of your own. Students will be hooked by the home page, where clicking on curious objects unlocks bonus features.


Students are introduced to a select group of poets, each with a brief biography and several poems. Although the selection lacks diversity, the "Inspire Me" feature makes it easy to include the poet's favorite words in your own work.


All the bells and whistles might make getting to the content a bit confusing for some students, while others might find it engaging. The audio option makes discovering poems more accessible.

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Interactive Poetry App

I would recommend this site wholeheartedly. It offers cutting edge interactive graphics that will pull students in. It doesn't just have poetry but biographies and a place to create their own poems. This app pulls students in and offers them a place to explore and learn about poetry using an alternate form of learning. I would recommend using this site in a middle/high school classroom.

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