Connecting Teens to a Supportive Writing and Artistic Community

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

I love this site as a teaching tool. It has so many potential uses - as a forum for sharing student work, to allow students to post book reviews, to connect students with like minded teens across the globe, and to allow students to interact with contemporary authors. Teen Ink is one of my favorite teaching tools. It has stood the test of time with me and I am constantly uncovering new ways to share the site with the teens I have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis.

How I Use It

I've used the website since 1993. This site has been an awesome forum for so many of my students over the years. It's allowed them to share their work to a supportive community and to connect with other students who share common interests. My students who have felt isolated because they are "unique individuals" have blossomed through these connections. As a teacher, I've used this site to help students unlock their writing potential by showing them that writers of all abilities can and should share their voice to the world beyond the classroom. Additionally, I have used the site to allow students a voice in reviewing the literature they have read. Teenagers need a place to express their opinions in a non-judgmental format and Teen Ink provides them that opportunity.