Awesome app that allows for outside classroom insight!

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

This product serves as a wonderful teaching tool. It provides videos on special topics that help engage students and provide additional information. The information contributes nicely to classroom lectures and allows students to see what they are learning in action. I think it serves my teaching better because as a homeschool instructor, it can help provide specialized information on a topic that I'm not an expert on. Each video is almost like a mini presentation by an expert, and it's informative to include these in classroom time. I imagine the students feel a connection to these videos as I did to Bill Nye the Science Guy videos when I was their age!

How I Use It

I use Ted Ed as a supplemental tool to classroom topics. I would never use it as a lesson in itself but rather as a sounding board to delve deeper into a topic or give students more insight. In my homeschool group, I used the "Every city needs healthy honey bees" Ted Ed talk to discuss the growing disappearance of honeybees. The children were fascinated with this topic, and one even went on to use this topic as research question in her science fair project.