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Knowledge Activator

A wide variety of videos are available to meet various lecture requirements. And most of the videos are convenient for students to watch with subtitles, and are also an aid for learners of other languages. Definitely a useful website.
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Interactive Content!

TED-Ed is a great way to take sometimes-boring subjects and transform them into engaging content by using videos. I have watched many ted talks throughout my educational career and always found them entertaining. This website is easy to navigate and you are able to filter to find the content you want. You can even filter by age, content type, subtitles, and more. The only downside is that there are some non-educational videos so it is easy to get distracted. I would recommend using it in classrooms if the teacher is displaying the video to the students so it avoids any distractions!
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Just the right voice!

This product is a great addition to any history or science room. Any room for that matter. I am constantly learning with my students!
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Great tool for Social Studies!

I love Ted Ed videos. They are always informative and well done. Speakers come from diverse areas and backgrounds and are able to bring different voices that my students need to hear from. The one caution I would have is for earlier years; teachers should make sure it is appropriate for their student's levels of ability. It seems to be targeted for secondary education.
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These outstanding video lessons take complex topics and simplify them through engaging animations for students of all ages! In addition, teachers can import a favorite educational video and create a lesson within the online TED-Ed module.

I have been using TED-Ed videos and video lessons in my classroom for over three years. TED-Ed is an outstanding addition to my teacher toolbox. The animations are absolutely outstanding!
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a versatile tool for active learning - easy to build upon

Ted Ed provides the framework for students and teachers alike to learn individually or in a group, as well as to create custom content to engage others in learning. The tool is versatile, but I see it mostly as a platform for customization, since a majority of the lessons tend toward the superficial side, asking some fairly obvious questions that engage the audience for listening comprehension but not too much critical thinking. This site can be used by teachers or students, in various applications, and at any point in a unit/lesson to introduce ideas or demonstrate learning. I think the most exciting part of it is the potential for students to create their own content, utlizing Ted-Ed's easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasing platform to do so, rather than start from scratch elsewhere, or spend much more time creating a similar experience that looks equally as good.
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TED Ed for President

The quality is unmatched. Each segment is animated and professional edited. They are visually appealing, easy to understand and follow, and are all under/around 10 minutes. These are perfect for integrating into a class period. They are accessible online to students for re-viewing. I have watched TED Ed to expand MY own knowledge so I can be better prepared for delivering information to students. For instance, our school read "A Long Walk to Water." To familiarize myself with the content about refugees and the Lost Boys of the Sudan, I watched "What does it mean to be a refugee?" by Benedetta Berti and Evelien Borgman. It was wonderful. There are even built-in questions and additional points to ponder that accompany each lesson. I'm overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content and quality segments. What a gold mine!
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Use video to get your students excited about their learning!

I wish the lessons had better "Think" questions. Some of them are too surface level---they are just recall. I guess that's good to check that students understood what they've watched, but some of the questions are not central to the video. I only found this in a few....most of them are great.
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TedEd is such a good change of pace!

I am a big believer of the visual learning aid to help students learn. This website is such a great supplement in big groups/short lectures for young children. Although all the videos are not perfect it does not take long to find a proper video for your class and need. I would no doubt recommend browsing this website to use in young learners class rooms.
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Very cool...

I am a huge TED fan and have thought a lot about using longer presentations or their podcasts in the classrooms. I haven't been able to yet, but the TED Ed resources allow me to tap into that incredible knowledge-base and easily incorporate it into my classroom. Sometimes the content doesn't perfectly fit; for example, the video about Roman teenagers has a short drinking/puking scene which made me not want to show it to my 6th graders.
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