TeachMe: Kindergarten

Sweet mouse quizzes kids in six Kindergarten subjects

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Critical Thinking, English Language Arts, Math

Price: Paid
Platforms: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Pros: Lots of ways to customize learning for each student.

Cons: Virtual coins-based reward system may frustrate some kids and move the focus away from learning.

Bottom Line: Multiple-choice questions test kids' early math, reading, and spelling skills.

Use TeachMe: Kindergarten to help kids retain and recall basic preschool lessons, as well as to discern the subject areas (numbers, letters, basic phonics, shapes, counting, and colors) in which individual students may need more attention. This app tracks number of correct and incorrect answers, as well as when a question has been mastered (that number can be set by the teacher for each individual student; the app's default settings start at three correct answers for a question to be mastered). Since teachers can also set how many questions kids must answer before they get a reward sticker, there's lots of flexibility in how much time kids need to spend per play session. The app stores progress for each student, so they can build their coin total over time.

TeachMe: Kindergarten allows teachers to fine tune and track each student's learning experience. After Mimi the mouse teacher gives introductory instructions, kids tap the green "Play" arrow and see a  question about sight words, addition, subtraction, or fill-in-the-blank spelling. Mimi gently explains incorrect answers and prompts kids to try again: "'Z' is not the missing letter. Find the missing letter for the word 'apple.'" Math questions show objects to be added from a bucket or subtracted into a trash can above the math problem. After answering a certain number of questions correctly (which can be set by teachers at a different number for each student), kids receive virtual coins that they can spend on stickers to decorate a scene or fish for a virtual aquarium. Kids are turned away at the cash register if they don't have enough coins for the sticker or fish they want to buy. Teachers can also manually raise a student's skill level and toggle subjects on or off.

Kids can learn simple math, sight words, and spelling from a cute mouse dressed as a teacher in TeachMe: Kindergarten. Each question is multiple choice, so kids use deduction as a red "x" appears for wrong answers. Level 1 (of 5) helps kids count by displaying numbers as they tap on objects added (from a bucket) or subtracted (into the trash); in other levels kids count objects themselves. Questions include Pre-K and Kindergarten-level Dolch sight words. Math problems are done especially well, allowing kids to manipulate a number of objects onscreen to see how a math problem works in literal terms; for example, "2 + 2" may be accompanied by two balls, and the child can pull two more balls out of a nearby bucket to then count all four together. Click-and-drag controls make playing easy for young ones. The reward system gives nice incentives for continued use, as long as kids don't focus too much on collecting coins and buying stuff at the cash register.

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Kids will come for the virtual aquarium and stickers, and they'll stay for the stimulating learning activities.


Fun drills reinforce math and spelling. The rewards system has math baked in. Difficulty ramps up so kids build on mastered skills.


Thoughtful prompts help children discover the right answers. "Achievement Screens" indicate progress.

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TeachMe Kindergarten is a great app for students to practice their skills and learn new skills as well.

Teach Me Kindergarten allows teachers to be able to track each students learning. The app is very user friendly and allows students to use it with ease. The mouse, as the teacher, gives the students instructions on how to complete each task. If the student answers incorrectly the mouse will help the student find the right answer with guidance and help with on screen cues. Teach Me Kindergarten is great for both math and literacy skills. Teach Me Kindergaten has also recently just finished adding a letter writing and number writing section to their learning content. This is wonderful for Kindergarten students who need extra help with practicing writing their letters and numbers. When students received a set number, that is created by the teacher, of correct answers the student earns a coin that they are able to spend at the store to buy a sticker for their scene or a fish for their fish tank. Teachers are able to customize this app to individualize each students skill level. This allows for easy customization and individualized learning for every student.

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